Leaderboard – Challenges – Badges

The app shows the daily progress.

The home screen of the betobefit app shows all wearables and motivation tools.


This can be individually adapted. Your employees
themselves decide which wearables appear.


The daily progress, such as for example the number of steps, calories burnt or sleep phases (and much else besides, depending on the wearable) are simply and clearly summarised in analyses and can be called in the app or on the web portal at any time after synchronisation with the smartphone.

The motivation tools!

The 3 motivations tools Leaderboard, Challenges and Badges motivate for more exercise in everyday life!



Rankings of the successes of all users

The extra motivation by comparing with others.


Group dynamics and motivation

Using self-created contests and Notifications to encourage your employees.



Everyday rewards
Even through the use of wearables it is possible to win Badges. An incentive to be more active in every day life.

The Company Portal allows interaction and reporting.

Create competitions adapted to your employees.


You can define a target for a certain period of time. Whoever is first to reach the number of steps, calories burnt or distance finished receives a reward. The employees are informed about the new competition through a message produced by you, and can decide whether they would like to take part in it.


An especially practical feature is the activity status, where the development of the activity of all participants is displayed on a timeline. This makes it also possible to measure the success of the competitions/activities.

Data security without compromises!

The data is stored in Germany on secure servers that have already successfully passed several stress tests. Data is sent from the app to the website in an encrypted form and is still available even after changing smartphone.


The handling of your personal data is of course
in compliance with the applicable data protection laws and EU data protection guidelines!