We have a simple solution!

Our wearables, the app/web portal and company portal help you to motivate employees to get more exercise in their daily routine and do this more efficiently than ever before.

Activity trackers are becoming more common and the term is already widely recognised. With betobefit, we have created a complete system that makes it possible for you to give your employees just the motivation that they need.

Using tracking, we find out how much or little we really move in everyday life. Only then, can we set aims or compare ourselves with colleagues, which in turn motivates us to move more.


What motivates your employees?

Prevention is better than cure.

The most effective way to live more healthily is more activity in everyday life. The most necessary thing for more exercise is motivation.


Companies that introduce workplace health management (BGM) increase performance and employee satisfaction, lower costs and reduce absences.


Based on the factors listed right from motivation research betobefit was developed.

So Betobefit offers workplace health management
the opportunity to implement lasting measures!